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urbn; interaction design studio
About us:

urbn; interaction ist loceted in the heart of Berlin, Germany.
The studio was founded by Franka Futterlieb and Jörn Alraun in summer of 2000 in San Francisco and is driven by our vision to create exciting strategic, creative and interactive solutions.
We provide excellent communication systems that are based on a sophisticated combination of design and technically advanced services. But hey, we do love print to…
urbn interaction has been commisioned to work with and for clients such as: Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss, L'Oreal, Mercedes-Benz, Reuters, Siemens, Sony, SWR and MTV.

urbn; interaction
design studio berlin.
Franka Futterlieb + Joern Alraun GbR
Tel. 0049.30.440.470.14
Fax. 0049.30.440.470.17
Linienstrasse 52, 1st Floor
10119 Berlin