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Futterlieb, Alraun GbR
Tel. 0049.30.440.470.14
Raumerstrasse 11
10437 Berlin

current projects/news:

mijn - this is mine!
mijn website
Have you been sharing a bathroom with your family and all have towels in the same colorscheme? Lost your bathrobe in a spa, because it looked like someone else's? Well then you should have a look at mijn since those clips will make life a lot easier. So hurry and have a look at mijn's crisp website that we have done and order the mijn clips right there.

iGuzzini featuring Ron Arad
The supernice people from Meta Design Suisse commissioned us to produce the PizzaKobra microsite. PizzaKobra is a new, hightech led light designed by designer, architect and artist Ron Arad shaped like a chrome and complete flexible cobra. Well, have a look at the site to see what the light is about.

Beck's on Stage Roadie Game
Hurry up! Build up the stage for the main act that is rocking a festival near you. This game promotes the festival activities Beck's is sponsoring.

Becks it - third part
We just updated the site with two new features to promote the hundreds of new Beck's designs people made. There is a memory kind of game that pulls randomly images that the user has to look through. We also made a screensaver with about a hundred images if you are online and a fifth of that if your computer is offline. Pretty nice thing especially if you are using more than one monitor.

WeAr Magazine 10th Edition
The newest issue of the acclaimed magazine is out now. We authored the DVD version that features the whole content of the printed magazine but also a couple of more goodies. So have a look at it in good sorted bookstores.

Tres Logos
We are proud to say that some of our work is (again) published in the newest edition of the best book about contemporary logos: Tres Logos. This is truly one of the most important books about typographic, stylish and nice illustrated logo design. Go on you should buy it. Now.

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